Finding the Right Labor and Employment Lawyer for Your Business

Labor and Employment Law

Labor and employment law seeks to protect workers from unfair dismissal, discrimination and abuse of power in the workplace. It also aims to ensure that employees have adequate access to labor rights and favorable conditions at work. The need for labor and employment law arises when an employee feels that he/she is exploited by an employer. The law also addresses issues such as the workplace violence and other social issues that arise in the workplace. The law seeks to address issues affecting workers at all stages of their employment.

Labour law supervises the relationship between employers, employees, trade unions and other state actors. collective bargaining laws relate to the tripartite inter-workplace relationship involving employer, employee and union. Individual labor law deals with the rights of workers at work and through the collective bargaining contract for employment. Industrial disputes may also call for the expertise of labor and employment law professionals. Such cases include harassment, discrimination and abuse at the workplace. Continue reading

What Is Inheritance Law In California?

Inheritance law

In Inheritance law, there are specific laws that govern how people receive inherit properties from the estate of a dead relative. These laws ensure that future beneficiaries can obtain some sort of inheritance even if a will wasn’t written or doesn’t cover all of the dead person in assets. Also, there are several different types of property an individual can inherit, such as money, property, jewelry and other inherit properties. Inheritance laws also govern who gets what when there is more than one inherited asset. This happens most often when two people marry and then both have a share of the assets, or when one spouse has a larger asset than the other. Continue reading